The fastest growing ultra-premium tequila brand in Mexico, Loco Tequila has the distinction of being the first and only ultra-premium brand established as a Terruño Tequila from the famous El Arenal region of Jalisco.

Launched in Mexico in 2019, Loco Tequila is now available to stateside tequila fans in three current expressions: Loco Blanco, Loco Ambar (Reposado), and Loco Puro Corazon. Each is available for purchase through the brand’s website,

Great taste aside, Loco Tequila carries a greater mission – that of promoting the art of celebration by proudly representing the culture of Mexico through its history, legacy, craftsmanship, art, and innovative spirit. A tall order for a bottle of tequila – and one that founders Gabriel Roqueñí and Pedro Padilla are intent on fulfilling.